1st BSA
Symposia1st BSA

The First Symposium of the Benthological Society of Asia
(1st BSA) 11-14 June 2012, Matsumoto, Japan
The 5st Symposium of the Aquatic Entomologists Societies of East Asia


On the first evening (June 11), a streamside welcome party was held on the banks of Susuki-gawa, a tributary of the Shinano-gawa River System. All participants enjoyed the opportunity to interact which was for some their first meeting and others reunion. We also enjoyed a demonstration of several light trap surveies while having drinks and snacks, and listening to the courtship song of local Kajika frogs (Buergeria buergeri). There were also some among us who took the opportunity to collect specimens of aquatic insects and fish.

On the second day (June 12), following the opening address of the morning, a plenary lecture by Prof. V. Resh, oral and poster presentations were conducted until evening at the “Agatanomori Bunka Kaikan (Agatanomori Cultural Center)”. This venue is notably a historic building built in 1920, and was the original home of the Science Faculty of Shinshu University. As such, it is also designated as “National Important Cultural Property” of Japan. We were delighted to have hold the first BSA symposium in such a heritage rich traditional auditorium. Then, in the evening of the second day, a dinner party was held at the Matsumoto Performing Arts Center. This being a vibrant modern venue, we trust that participants were able to enjoy having dinner in an inspiring atmosphere, as a contrast to that of the symposium venue. At the beginning of this party, we received a congratulatory address in recognition of the establishment of BSA by Prof. P. Zwick.