BSA Homepage Open
Updated: May. 21. 2015 view: 1847
Dear Members of BSA,

It's my pleasure to announce that the BSA homepage is ready to open. If you have inquiries regarding this homepage, please contact BSA webmanager, Ms. Christine J. Uy.

Official BSA URL:
Official BSA E-mail:

You may contact the following secretaries regarding any inquiries on the BSA:

SecretaryGeneral: Dr. Yeon Jae Bae (
Managing Secretary: Dr. Kazuki Sekine (
Webmanager: Ms. Christine J. Uy (

I wish this homepage facilitates communication between BSA members and with other benthologists and public people as well.

My best wishes.
YJ Bae
BSA Secretary General

PS) I have uploaded the 2nd BSA Symposium Proceedings on the homepage. It was published in January 2015. Please, visit to download it.