Notice about posting in BSA homepage
Updated: Jul. 29. 2015 view: 513
Dear Colleagues,

If you have some interesting photos or news or even Symposium announcements that concerns about benthos study most especially in Asia that you wanted to post in the BSA website, kindly send us a message in so we can post those for you. 

Unfortunately, even if there is a write button in the Notice tab of the webpage, you cannot post freely anything there but we are trying our very best to fix this problem and improve the website right away. We will inform you by posting another notice next time if you can already freely post something in our website. For now, we will be glad to receive and post some announcements or anything that you wanted to post in BSA website for all of you.

Thank you very much for your understanding and for all the help for us to improve this BSA webpage.

BSA Secretariat