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Message from the 3rd BSA President

Dear colleagues and friends,

I sincerely thank the Executive Board of the Benthological Society of Asia (BSA) for electing me as 4th President. I am also extending my deep appreciation to Dr. Kazumi TANIDA, Dr. Tae-Soo CHON and Dr. Victor BOGATOV, our former BSA Presidents, and Secretary General, Dr. Yeon Jae BAE, for their countless contributions in developing and organizing the BSA.

Human population and economic growth continue to greatly degrade freshwater ecosystem health and threaten aquatic biodiversity in Asia countries. How will freshwater science contribute to the search for good solutions and their implementation for the health and biodiversity of Asia’s freshwater ecosystems? As one of the Asia’s leading groups of freshwater scientists, the Benthological Society of Asia has chosen “Freshwater Health and Biodiversity in Asia” as the theme for its 2018 annual meeting in Nanjing, P. R. China. Plenary sessions will feature leading freshwater scientists giving their insights into the problems that Asia’s freshwater ecosystems are facing.

Nanjing Agricultural University and two co-organizers Nanjing Normal University and Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University will host the 4th International Symposium of The Benthological Society of Asia (August 20-25, 2018) and the 2nd Youth Freshwater Ecology School (August 18-19, 2018).

A web page will soon be available with detailed instructions for submitting abstracts, reserving accommodations, and registration. An announcement of the web page will be made through the BSA Web Page (http://benthosasia.org/).

On behalf of the organizing Committee, I invite all of you to join us in Nanjing as BSA considers the future of the Asia’s fresh waters. Your participation would be a significant contribution to the development of Asia’s benthologicalsciences. I wish that your visit to China in 2018 will be a memorable scientific and cultural experience.

Looking forward to seeing you in Nanjing in August 2018!

Xinhua Wang
President of the 4th BSA

April 25, 2017

Nanjing Eye

Confucius Temple and Qinghuai River

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