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Dear colleagues and friends,

First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Executive Board of the Benthological Society of Asia (BSA) for giving me a chance to be the 5th President. I also thank Prof. Yeon Jae Bae, Secretary General, and Associate Prof. Chitchol Phalaraksh, Chiang Mai University, Thailand for introducing me to join the BSA.

My researches in Center of Insect Vector Study, Chiang Mai University, are related to medically important insects including Culicidae (mosquitoes), Simuliidae (blackflies), Psychodidae (sandflies) and Calliphoridae (blowflies). Nonetheless, many of these insects breed in varieties of aquatic habitats that have been influenced by human activities and changing environment that have significant impacts on health-ecosystems. Chiang Mai is the biggest province in the northern region of Thailand which is one of enriched biodiversity of floras and fauna area in Southeast Asia, but has been continuously affected by urbanization, pollution, tourism, forest clearance and agricultural activities. We have proposed the theme for the 2020 annual meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand as ‘Ecological Health and Biodiversity’. Plenary sessions will be a special feature of ecological changes that increasingly affect insect biodiversity.

Chiang Mai University will host the 5th International Symposium of The Benthological Society of Asia (20-23 December 2020) and the 3rd Youth Freshwater Ecology School (18-19 December 2020). It is the best time to visit Chiang Mai where it is one of the most tourist destinations in Thailand. Details of the symposium including instructions for submitting abstracts, reserving accommodations, registration will be soon available on the BSA Weg Page (http://benthosasia.org/).

I look forward to seeing you in Chiang Mai in December 2020.

Pradya Somboon, Ph.D.

President of the 5th BSA

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